Folk Forms Evaporate Big Sky

by Who Cares How Long You Sink



Who Cares How Long You Sink is a group devoted to the slower aesthetic of musical movement. It is an attempt at making music move at a pace that closer represents the movement and growth of nature. Representing something like the moons travel across the night sky and/or a tree's sway in one area of that sky, rather than locomotion or some societal action. Most material is played during the musicians’ natural inhales or exhales and not to an external clock. Allowing everyone to move at their own pace through the material, becoming one layer in the stack of sound, motion and harmonic possibilities.

The breath process becomes orchestration for the Ajemian's folk forms and vocal experiments.


released July 7, 2007

released 07 July 2007
all music composed by Jason Ajemian
recorded by Noritaka Tanaka @ the Orphanage, Chicago. Aug 27th 2006. Mastered by Harry Brotman..

Personel:::Matt Bauder, Keefe Jackson, Tim Haldeman, Brent Bagwell, Jaimie Branch, Chinatsu Nakano, Amanda Raber, Josh Berman, Garen Gaston, Anton Hatwich, Bill Epperson, Frank Rosaly, Tony Massarello, Jessica Pavone, Andra Kulans, Brad Loving, Matt Schnieder, Ben Boye, Kevin Davis, Emmett Kelly, Bill McKay, Tyler Beach, Clifton Ingram, Charles Rumback, Joseph Glidden, Husdson Berry, Paul Giallorenzo & Bob Leone



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